Guardia Legacy

Traditional life insurance with periodic premium payments for maximum inheritance preparation in the future.

  • 100% sum assured for basic insurance if the insured dies.(1)

  • There is a booster benefit for the sum insured of up to 50% of the sum insured for basic insurance (2) when the insured is 75 years old. (3)

  • There is a basic insurance premium exemption benefit if the insured is diagnosed with one of the 77 critical illnesses/conditions.(4)

  • Choice of premium payment period starting from 5, 10 & 15 years.

  • The insurance period is up to 100 years of the insured age.

  • Flexibility in premium payment.


(1) 100% of the Sum Assured for Basic Insurance will be paid if the Insured dies and the Policy will expire.
(2) Sum Assured for Basic Insurance listed in the Policy Data.
(3) If the Policy Holder does not fulfill one of the Sum Assured Booster Requirements, the Sum Assured for Basic Insurance will be increased by 25% of the Sum Assured for Basic Insurance stated in the Policy Data (“25% Booster Sum Assured”) or no longer fulfills one of the requirements for the Sum Assured Booster, the 50% Booster Sum Assured will be adjusted and changed to a 25% Booster Sum Assured.
(4) Benefits of Basic Insurance Premium Waiver in the form of exemption from Basic Insurance Premium payments, starting from the next Premium Payment Due Date (after the date of claim approval by Allianz) until the end of the Premium Payment Period