Guardia Ultima

A solution from life insurance product The New Unit Link with efficient protection for optimal investment potential during your future financial planning.


  • 1 Policy for protection during productive age and potential Investment Value during old age.

  • 105% (1) allocation of Periodic Basic Premium as Investment Fund (2) since the 6th Policy Year and onwards for potential Investment Value.

  • Using one price in buying and selling Units.

  • More peace of mind with Critical Illness(3) Benefits and Medical Assistance Services.

  • Potential for long-term reduction in Insurance Costs(4) for maximum potential Investment Value.

  • Maximum Sum Assured for the insured certain age of entry without medical requirements.(5)

  • There is a Persistence Bonus Benefit of 70% from the Periodic Basic Premium at the end of the 5th(6) Policy Year.

  • Optimal investment opportunities in Indonesia, Asia Pacific & global markets.

(1) Specific allocation of Periodic Top Up Premium and/or Single Top Up Premium as Investment Fund: 95% of the Periodic Top Up Premium and/or Single Top Up Premium.
(2) Investment Fund to purchase Units according to the percentage of premium allocation on investment based on the Policy and according to the choice of Sub-funds.
(3) Benefits of Critical Illness for one of the 3 types of advanced Critical Illness.
(4) The potential reduction in Life Insurance Costs is not guaranteed and is based on whichever is greater, the Life Coverage Value or 5 times the value of the annualized Periodic Basic Premium, as well as the age of the Insured from time to time.
(5) In accordance with applicable product feature provisions.
(6) The benefits of the Persistence Bonus are 70% of the total Periodic Basic Premium that has been paid or the annualized Periodic Basic Premium in the 1st Policy Year (excluding Periodic Top Up Premium and/or Single Top Up Premium (if any)).