Guardia Prima 

Find protection solutions along with the potential for developing long-term investment assets so that your financial plans in the future remain protected from various life risks.

  • EASY to choose protection benefits as needed.(1)

  • 105%(2) allocation of Periodic Basic Premium as an Investment Fund(3) since the 6th  Policy year onwards for potential Investment Value

  • FLEXIBLE in the method and amount of payment of the Periodic Total Premium according to the financial plan

  • USE one unit's selling and buying price


(1) In accordance with the applicable product terms and conditions.
(2) Special allocation of Periodic Top Up Premium and/or Single Top Up Premium: 95% of Periodic Top Up Premium and/or Single Top Up Premium.
(3) Investment Fund to purchase units according to the percentage of premium allocation on investments based on the Policy and according to the choice of Sub-funds.