Guardia Maxima : Bank BTPN

Guardia Maxima

The New Unit Link Life insurance product with efficient and optimum investment for you to complete your financial plan.

  • 1 policy for protection and investment benefit
  • 105%(1) allocated regular premium as investment (2) starting year 6 onwards for an optimum investment.
  • Single price
  • Lower Cost of insurance(3) for a long term investment results
  • 50% of Persistency Bonus



(1) Applies for Allocated Regular Premium and Top up and/or Single Top Up as 95% of Regular Premium and top up and/or Single Top up

(2) Investment fund allocated for unit is according to the percentage of premium allocated based on the allocation on policy and chosen funds.

(3) The potential of reduced cost of insurance is not guaranteed and is based on whichever the highest of the sum assured or 6 times of the annualized regular premium and assured age from time to time.

(4) 50% of Persistency bonus based on the amount of paid basir regular premium (excluding regular and/or single top up (if any))