Guardia Pasti : Bank BTPN

Guardia Pasti

As a solution for death and critical illness insurance protection so that future financial conditions are always guaranteed.

  • Compensation for one of the 77 critical illnesses.(1)
  • Life compensation for death due to non-accidents and accidents.(2)
  • End of Contract Benefit if the Insured is still alive at the end of the Policy Insurance Period.
  • Life protection due to non-accident & critical illness until the age of 86 years (3).
  • Periodic Premium Deposits can be shorter for a longer Insurance Period.
  • Options for the period and frequency of Premium deposit as needed.


(1) Critical illness coverage ends after benefits are paid.

(2) Accidental compensation is paid for death within 90 days from the accident date and reaches the policy birthday closest to the age of 70 years.

(3) Nearest birthday.

Note: Payment of benefits will be deducted by costs and liabilities in arrears (if any).